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Mexico’s 11 Most Spectacular Islands You Need to Visit

In recent years, Cozumel and Isla Holbox have been grabbing the international spotlight, with tourists flocking in to take advantage of their turquoise waters and unblemished beaches. Yet there are […]

The Most Magical Sites to Visit in Mexico

You’ve probably heard of the Indian hippie paradise of Goa and are aware of Glastonbury’s credentials as a center of English New Age activity. But fewer […]

The Top 8 Archeological Sites Near Mexico City

Mexico is one of the world’s best destinations for archaeology lovers, given that there are literally hundreds of sites of interest if you want to find […]

The 11 Most Beautiful Cathedrals In Mexico

As a predominantly Catholic country, with a history of Spanish architectural influence, it’s no surprise that Mexico is the home of so many architecturally outstanding and beautiful cathedrals. From […]