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aboutMexico has a multitude of beach destinations, some which were Mexican towns which gradually gained popularity as tourist destinations and others which were conceived as resort towns from the outset. These popular Mexico beach destinations offer powdery sand and crystalline water along with an abundance of tourist amenities and attractions. Mexico has over five thousand miles (9,000 km) of beaches, which along with its warm winter temperatures attract the majority of vacationers to this enchanting country. Although many seaside resorts are popular, the leading vacation destinations are located along tor near the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast or the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific coast of Mexico. From the tourist’s point of view, there are three "Mexico’s" that attract attention. The most popular of these is the Yucatan peninsula, which encompasses the delightful area that has come to be known as the Riviera Maya by some and Caribbean Riviera by others. Including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and other gorgeous beach towns and islands (such as Cozumel), the Riviera Maya is known for its majestic, white-sand beaches, warm sunny weather and Mayan ruins. We provide a concise description of the Yucatan and its many attractions below, as well as links to our detailed guides for these areas. If you'd rather spend your beach vacation somewhere that's just as gorgeous but not so crowded, you may prefer to visit one of Mexico's less well-known beach destinations: Mexico's Secret Beaches.

Mexico City

Playa del Carmen

Riviera Maya

Isla Mujeres

Puerto Vallarta

Los Cabos




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