612577Island of Holbox features a great location just north of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is surrounded by the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and the beautiful emerald shades of the Gulf of Mexico. It can be reached by crossing the Yalahau Lagoon by ferry or motor boat from the town of Chiquila. Because of its location, the island is home to a wonderful variety of marine life, as well as beautiful exotic birds that inhabit the lush vegetation of the mangroves.

Rivers divide the island into three main parts, one of which is where you’ll find the town and the majority of the tourism infrastructure. Holbox has the charm of a small fishing village, where people still get Holbox around on bikes or golf carts. The town is small, with houses, bungalows and cabanas, and life moves at a relaxed pace.

Holbox offers incomparable sunsets that can be seen from the most gorgeous beaches; it is an exotic place full of attractions. Here you can get excited about being in direct contact with nature or, if you prefer, simply relax. On this island, you will find plenty of romantic and charming bungalows that will offer you all the delightful pleasures of the typical Caribbean lifestyle. Hundreds of flamingoes can be seen flying over this wonderful island at certain times of the day or while they are eating Holbox fish and seaweed in the lagoon.

The island features a modest population comprised mainly of fishermen, incomparable white beaches, and exotic wildlife. This remote place, away from massive tourism, belongs to the natural reserve and protected area of Yum Balam.Sample the pleasures of this unequalled island. Its simple tourist infrastructure and relaxed lifestyle offer you an unforgettable Holbox vacation.

Holbox Profile
  • A small tourist community on an island paradise
  • Beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters
  • Holbox
  • Fishing village with an important lobster business
  • Close to an area where whale sharks feed
  • Surrounded by natural protected areas
  • An important ecotourism destination
  • Transportation exclusively via bicycles and golf carts
  • Home to an abundance of marine life and exotic birds
  • Offers everything from rustic cabanas to exclusive luxury boutique hotels
  • Located three hours from Cancun
  • Holbox Things to do in Holbox
  • Rent a golf cart and explore the island
  • Kick back and relax in a hammock on the beach
  • Visit Cenote Yalahau
  • Try the delicious lobster pizza
  • Take a fishing trip on a boat
  • Swim with whale sharks between the months of May and September
  • Visit Bird Island and Passion Island
  • 612577

    Holbox offers everything its visitors need for spending a relaxing and unforgettable stay. The hotels are placid and rustic, combining comfort, the views and lush nature; they use palm roofs resting on beams, using local materials and alternative construction techniques.

    In keeping with the small-island feel, there are no high-rise hotels on Holbox. Most of the hotels are on the beach front, with areas set upon the sand, but some can also be found in the town. While finding a cheap hotel on Holbox isn’t always easy, the options do range from camping and hostels to luxurious honeymoon getaways with many boutique options in between.

    Isla Holbox Beaches
    The main Holbox Beach sits just a short walk north from the town center and is peppered with hotels that are set back from the shore. It is great for long walks and the sandbars out at sea allow you can keep Holbox walking even when the beach seems to end. Far down the beach you will find hammocks in the water, which offer a rather unique experience.

    While Holbox Beach is probably where visitors will spend the most time on Holbox there are also some other smaller beaches like Punta Mosquito, which is a great place to see flamingos and Punta Coco, which boasts the perfect sunset viewing spots.


    612577 Activities & Things to Do
    The fascinating island of Holbox is a place full of interesting and unequalled attractions. Its ambiance and unsurpassed beauty make an ideal setting for ecotourism. Holbox is the perfect area for people who love outdoor activities. Some of the principal Holbox attractions are kayak tours, horseback riding while discovering the island's lush vegetation, and interacting with water animals such as dolphins, rays, and whales, as well as admiring diverse exotic wildlife such as birds and turtles.

    During your stay in Holbox, you can enjoy an interesting boat ride along the rivers and mangroves of this jungle island.You will have the opportunity to observe the watchful eyes of the mysterious crocodiles peeking up from the water's surface. These impressive reptiles are considered the kings of the mangroves. Delight in magnificent Holbox sightseeing and visit interesting spots such as Isla Pajaros (Birds Island) and Isla Pasion (Passion Island). Do not forget Holbox to take the exciting boat tour along the Yalahau Cenote, an important part of the lagoon of the same name.

    During your stay in Holbox, you will feel immersed in its pure, natural setting of wildlife and vegetation. At the same time, you can enjoy modern conveniences, since the island is inhabited by a small population. The people in Holbox are very friendly and are happy to welcome foreigners onto their island.

    Whale Shark Adventure
    Whale Shark Adventure This is one of the favorite Holbox attractions. While visiting this incomparable island, you can enjoy a wonderful day snorkeling with the largest fish in the world, the impressive "whale shark." This gigantic fish is harmless and lives on plankton.According to scientists who work in this area, the waters surrounding Holbox Island have the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world. Take advantage of this opportunity and swim with these friendly animals that measure up to 42 feet long. This exciting ride is led by local fishermen specially trained for these tours. The best season to experience this incomparable activity is between the months of May and September.

    Sea Turtle Nesting
    Sea Turtle Nesting Sea turtle nesting is one of the great natural wonders, and Punta Mosquitos is one of the best places to witness it. During the months of May, June and July, this pristine and uninhabited stretch of beach is the perfect location for these giant creatures to nest and lay their eggs.

    It is interesting to note that all of the sea turtles that arrive here to nest were born on this beach. Of the 120 eggs that each female will lay here, only one of the offspring will survive to return 15 years later to continue the proliferation of the species. A female sea turtle can spend all night digging the nest, laying her eggs, and covering it over again before returning to the safety of the sea. Remember that they are protected species, so you should avoid touching or interrupting them during this important task of survival.

    Bird Island Bird Island
    Admire the spectacular sight of flamingos, herons, ducks, gray and white pelicans, among others, on Bird Island (Isla Pajaros), which is inhabited by more than 100 species of birds. Whether native or migratory, they all gather here to nest. This island is located just 10 minutes by boat from Holbox, and surrounded by the Yalahau Lagoon.

    Because many of these species are endangered, it’s important not to disturb them. To help in the preservation efforts, two observation towers were constructed that offer unparalleled views of the natural landscape. Dawn and dusk are the best times for bird watching.

    Dolphin Watching
    Dolphin Watching The waters that surround Holbox are the right place to observe entire dolphin families in their natural environment.Early morning is the best time to do so due to the calm waters of the Yalahau lagoon and because that is the time dolphins come to feed in the waters rich in their favorite fish.These friendly animals are accustomed to the noise of the boats and usually get rather close to them and jump around.See them in their natural habitat!Since dolphins give birth in the summer, it is the best season for snorkeling near and admiring the complete family.

    Fishing In case you wish to catch your own food and have it prepared Holbox-style, here is your opportunity.Just select your favorite food and, depending on the season, you can fish your own crab, octopus, trout, and so on.If you want, you can have your lunch cooked on board, since the fisherman can prepare for you the traditional "ceviche" (seafood cocktail marinated in lime juice) on the spot.Fishing is better done in the mornings, when fish are hungry.The boat can take up to five people, making sure everyone has a pleasant ride.

    Passion Island
    This tiny island located less than 15 minutes by boat from Holbox Passion Island is a magical area that invites you to absolute relaxation due to its beauty and tranquility. This small island has inspired several stories and fantasies in its visitors. This is the perfect spot for those who wish to enjoy a tropical hideaway. Bring your own hammock and someone special to spend an unforgettable adventure. Passion Island is a dreamy place to admire a fascinating sunset.

    Yalahau Cenote
    This is a sweet water cenote, surrounded by salt water, often called "the fountain of youth." Yalahau Cenote It is a crystal-clear water spring accessed only by boat.This place is located about 20 minutes from Holbox Island. Today, it is an exclusive area for nature admirers, offering a subtle jungle fragrance, inviting all its visitors to dive into its fresh waters that flow directly to the sea. Dolphins come to this lagoon in the mornings to eat and the flamingoes live on shrimp during the day. This is an amazing sight. Come and visit the Yalahau cenote on your next vacation to Holbox Island.

    Water Sports
    Holbox is an island for kicking back, but it also offers Water Sports opportunities to enjoy water sports like kitesurfing, kayaking, and scuba diving. On Holbox there is a kitesurfing school where you can learn the basic skills to glide over the waves. You can also tour the mangroves and the coast in a kayak, as well as snorkel or scuba dive to see the incredible marine life on this island paradise.
    612577 Dining Experience
    On the charming island of Holbox are several restaurants with cheerful ambiance, excellent service, and delicious International food. The most important Holbox restaurants are located around the main square. Some of them feature terraces or open-air spaces to enjoy your favorite dish in direct touch with the island atmosphere in this gorgeous yet unpretentious town.

    Even though this small island does not have a great amount of restaurants, dining in Holbox offers first-class service and a wide range of Regional and International dishes.

    Most restaurants feature bar service, as they also serve as nightclubs for locals and visitors. If we are talking about dining in Holbox, fresh seafood is the highlight among all the specialties. This is served in myriad ways at almost all Holbox restaurants. Delight in the delicious cuisine of this island, enjoying the excellent and friendly service of the Holbox people.

    There are neither big department stores nor shopping malls in Holbox, since it is a small island and its main attractions are ecotourism and a wide menu of activities to put visitors in touch with nature. Shopping However, if you are looking to do some Holbox shopping, there are many small stands surrounding the main square that offer the visitor a collection of beautiful souvenirs to remember their vacation to this charming island.

    A much-recommended activity on this island is walking through the town's main square while admiring and choosing ornamental items and typical Mexican handicrafts to remember your vacation on the enigmatic island of Holbox.

    Visit the different stands with handicrafts and silver items while experiencing the relaxed and tranquil island ambience you will fall in love with. Simply, this is the concept of Holbox shopping.

    Night Nightlife Experience
    Nights on Holbox Island are incomparable; the tranquility, relaxation, peace, and harmony you find in this isolated place inhabited by amazing, humble people is an unparalleled experience. Holbox is the ideal place for meditation and reflection.This island is the perfect setting for a romantic moonlit evening with the one you love, admiring the stars far from the noise and routine of the city. If you wish to interact with people in a party atmosphere however, this place has few cheery nightclubs.

    After nightfall, inhabitants of Holbox Island come out to enjoy the town and to walk by the main square to chit-chat with their friends and acquaintances. Even though Holbox discotheques are non-existent, Holbox nightlife is enigmatic and it is concentrated in the main square. Surrounding it, you find a few restaurant-bars where you can enjoy your favorite meal while having a great time with your friends sipping the drinks of your choice in a lovely ambience. Here we describe the two main Holbox Beaches nightclubs that you can visit on your next vacation to this gorgeous island.

    Holbox Island Beaches
    The main Holbox Beach sits just a short walk north from the town center and is peppered with hotels that are set back from the shore. It is great for long walks and the sandbars out at sea allow you can keep walking even when the beach seems to end. Far down the beach you will find hammocks in the water, which offer a rather Tips unique experience.

  • There are a couple of ATMs on the island and many hotels and larger restaurants take card but it is worth arriving to Holbox with enough cash for your stay just in case the ATMs run out or the electricity should go down.
  • Both Mexican pesos and US dollars are accepted on the island, but smaller establishments may prefer pesos.
  • The island residents are prepared for tropical storms and all precautions have been taken to ensure total safety for all island residents and visitors. In the event of a natural weather occurrence, you would be evacuated or well taken care of if you stayed on the island.
  • Cell phones work on the island and most hotels have wifi although if the weather is bad the wifi can be patchy.
  • Isla Holbox is the jump-off point for tours to see the Whale Shark, the world’s biggest fish.
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