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La Paz

612577 La Paz
Located on the coast of Baja California Sur, La Paz offers a variety of landscapes, including desert, pristine beaches, and the beautiful bays of the Sea of Cortez, which is known as “The Aquarium of the World” for its marine biodiversity. Thanks to its geographical location, La Paz enjoys spectacular sunsets and makes an excellent starting point for tours and excursions, such as whale watching and exploring the surrounding areas, like Todos Santos and Espiritu Santo Island, each with its own unique charm.

La Paz, with its impressive cultural offerings and exquisite seafood, is a place with a slower pace of life, and the boardwalk is where most of the activity takes place. It’s also a great place for ecotourism and one of the most internationally renowned destinations for fishing and scuba diving, not to mention a wide variety of water sports and activities.

Cosmopolitan La Paz is a mix of laid-back, old-world beauty and chichi upscale trends.

Whale eatching Whale Watching
One of the top tourist attractions in La Paz is spotting gray whales in the waters of the Sea of Cortez. During the winter months, from late December to early April, they arrive to breed and birth their young. You can also see other whale species that put on a spectacular show for visitors as they breach the water. There are numerous tours and excursions in La Paz that will take you to see these fascinating creatures.

La Paz Profile
  • A great destination for whale watching
  • Gateway to the Sea of Cortez due to the arrival of large cruise ships
  • One of the most fascinating and diverse marine environments in the world
  • Spectacular ocean and desert landscapes that contrast one another
  • Playa el Rosario, La Paz
  • Internationally renowned for sport fishing
  • A great destination for watersports, like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and paddle boarding
  • Home to world-class golf courses
  • A wide variety of hotels at all price points
  • An outstanding destination for adventure and ecotourism
  • Things to do in La Paz
  • Stroll along the boardwalk, admire the sunset, visit the shops, and eat at some of the restaurants.
  • Try the exquisite seafood cuisine like fish tacos and chocolate clams.
  • Visit the cathedral, the cultural centers, and the city museum.
  • Playa el Rosario, Playa el Rosario, La Paz
  • Visit the La Paz Snake Sanctuary and the Cactus Sanctuary.
  • Take a whale watching tour.
  • Visit the beaches, including Playa Balandra, famous for its mushroom-shaped rock formation.
  • Scuba dive at the Suwannee Reef or in the areas of El Bajo, La Reina, La Reinita and Las Animas.
  • Go fishing in the Los Barriles area, where they host important world-class fishing tournaments.
  • Swim with whale sharks from October to March.
  • Go shopping on the boardwalk and buy some traditional crafts, like leather goods, shells, or woven items, as well as the local damiana liquor.
  • Visit Espiritu Santo Island, where the beaches contrast with the rocky landscape, and kayak in the intense blue ocean waters.
  • Explore the towns surrounding La Paz, like Todos Santos.
  • Enjoy some adventure sports, such as camping, hiking, or biking in the nearby areas, like La Sierra de la Laguna.
  • Take a tour to visit the colonial-era missions established in the Baja California Peninsula during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries.
  • La Paz provides a romantic atmosphere with the perfect blend of quaint, small town mexican charm.

    612577 La Paz, Baja California Sur
    La Paz is not known as a beach resort in the traditional Mexican resort sense. Instead, the city has a provincial Mexican town atmosphere.

    La Paz Baja offers the most varied and least expensive selection of places to stay of any city in Baja. Most La Paz lodging is located within town and by the water area by the malecon.

    Although there are inexpensive hotels in La Paz, there are still high end luxury resorts, including all inclusive resort hotels. There are so many different styles of hotels to choose from from older historical hotels to shiek high rises.

    All of the hotels are tastefully decorated, and some offer shuttle services. La Paz Mexico hotels offer every amenity you can hope for such as pools, jacuzzis and full service restaurants so that their hotel guests need not leave the comfort of their hotels in order to search for quality food.


    612577 Activities & Things to Do
    La Paz is an incredible vacation spot with a wide variety of possibilities for fun and entertainment. The spectacular beaches, islands and volcanic islets, as well as diverse marine life and an abundance of exotic plant and animal life native to this desert region, make La Paz the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a variety of ecotourism activities.

    The beautiful beaches of La Paz, with blue waters and a variety of colorful fish, are its main attraction. Located at the far end of the bay, across from the stunning Espiritu Santo Island, Playa Tecolote Beach is one of the most popular beaches in La Paz. It offers several restaurants and areas where you can enjoy a variety of water sports. Playa Balandra Beach is famous for its mushroom shaped rock formations that have become the traditional emblem of La Paz. This beach is only one part of the eight bays that make up the saltwater lagoon of Puerto Balandra, which is home to diverse marine life and a great destination for snorkeling and kayaking. Other popular beaches include Caimancito, Coromuel, Pichilingue, and Tesoro.

    Whale Watching Whale Watching
    La Paz is an excellent place to spot different species of whales, particularly the gray whale that migrates 12,500 miles from the Bering Strait to the lagoons of Ojo de Liebre, Magdalena Bay, and San Ignacio in the ports of Lopez Mateos and San Carlos, which are located just a few miles from La Paz. The gray whale watching season begins in late December and continues through early April. However, it’s also possible to observe other whale species, like the blue whale from March to July; the humpback whale from February to June; and the pilot whale from October to February. Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to go whale watching during your trip to La Paz!

    Scuba Diving Scuba Diving
    La Paz is famous around the world for being a first-class diving destination with unique natural and artificial reefs. You can see beautiful marine life that includes dolphins, sharks, whales, and a variety of colorful fish species, such as trumpet fish and angel fish, among other creatures. One of the most famous sites is the Suwanee Reef, which is great for beginner divers. Another interesting spot is Los Islotes, which consists of two massive rock formations that serve as a seal habitat and artificial reef system. Also in this area you’ll find a ferry boat that sunk to the bottom of the ocean in 1976. Today, it sits 60 feet below sea level and serves as a refuge for a wide variety of animals. Other places to scuba dive in La Paz are: El Bajo, La Reina and La Reinita, and Las Animas.

    Sport Fishing Sport Fishing
    La Paz is a great destination for sport fishing. The iconic image of a swordfish or marlin jumping over the wake of a yacht comes true along the coast of Cabo del Este, which includes the communities of Los Barriles, Bahia de los Suenos, La Ventana and Sargento. Sport fishing for tuna, grouper, rooster fish, and mahi-mahi is also common. International fishing tournaments, like Bisbee’s circuit, are held in Baja California Sur, and attract thousands of tourists each year. In La Paz you’ll find shops that can outfit you with everything you need for a day of fishing.

    water Sports Other Water Sports
    Explorer and biologist Jacques Cousteau nicknamed the Sea of Cortez the “Largest Aquarium in the World” after the wide variety of marine species that exist there. It’s also the perfect place to practice numerous water sports, like scuba diving and snorkeling, with the most comfortable temperatures and best water clarity during the fall season. You can also scuba dive with sea lions in the area where they gather on Isla Partida, or kayak, stand up paddle board, or surf on the beaches of Los Cerritos and Pescadero, close to Todos Santos. In the La Ventana area, where there’s constant wind, it’s common to enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing.

    Ecotourism Ecotourism
    Because of its geography with exotic plant and animal life, as well as the richness of its coasts and abundant marine life, ecotourism in La Paz and the surrounding areas is very important. There are several places to try these activities, mainly along the coast of La Paz Bay and the Espiritu Santo, San Jose and Cerralvo islands. You can also enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, and mountain biking in the forested areas, like la Sierra de la Laguna, a designated Biosphere Reserve that’s home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. It offers the perfect setting for these adventure sports.

    The Boardwalk The Boardwalk
    Stretching for three miles, the boardwalk is where you’ll find all of the top nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops specializing in sport fishing and scuba diving, and a variety of local craft stalls. Enjoy a walk along the La Paz boardwalk and admire the spectacular sunset over the bay. You’ll also get the opportunity to see the bronze sculptures that adorn this wonderful destination, as well as children playing, people selling their crafts, and the large number of ships that cross the Sea of Cortez to arrive at the cruise ship port.

    Metropolitan Cathedral Metropolitan Cathedral
    Located in the city center, this spot was the site of a mission founded by the Jesuits in 1720 and vacated in 1735 because of attacks by the original inhabitants of the region. The current cathedral of La Paz, with its altar to Our Lady of La Paz, was built in the year 1871.

    Whale Sharks
    Another of the tourist attractions in La Paz is swimming with whale sharks in their natural habitat, in the waters of La Paz Bay. Considered the largest fish in the world, whale sharks can be spotted from October to March.

    Espiritu Santo Island Espiritu Santo Island
    This lush island is a World Heritage Site and considered to be the most stunning island in the Sea of Cortez. It is located just 15 miles from La Paz and the ground is covered with crimson limestone that contrasts with the intense blue ocean waters. Espiritu Santo Island is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving and snorkeling. Here you’ll also find Candelero Bay, a beach with a mountain range that rises up in the bay and extends into the ocean, ending in a rocky area that is part of another small island. Located nearby, Partida Island was previously believed to form part of Espiritu Santo Island.

    Regional Anthropology and History Museum Regional Anthropology and History Museum
    If you want to learn about the history of the state of Baja California, include a visit to this museum on your itinerary. It displays a collection of artifacts that date back to the time of the first inhabitants of the region. This museum also features exhibitions of photographs of cave paintings, engraved rocks, books about the missions, regional crafts, and a variety of other interesting items.

    Golf Courses Golf Courses
    La Paz is home to world-class golf course, such as the 18-hole Costabaja designed by Gary Player, with rolling hills and spectacular views overlooking the bay. There is also the 18-hole Paraiso del Mar golf course designed by Arthur Hill, which offers a beautiful landscape of cacti and sand dunes.

    Marinas and Cruise Ships Marinas and Cruise Ships
    For many years, La Paz has served as the gateway to the Sea of Cortez. Large cruise ships arrive at the ports in Baja California Sur and sail along its shores to enjoy its many wonders, marine life, and islands. After docking in Pichilingue, passengers are bused to visit the historic center, the boardwalk, and the Zona Dorada.

    For those boaters who prefer to sail independently, there are several marinas located in the around the La Paz boardwalk and in the bay. They all meet the necessary international quality standards to accommodate even the most discerning of travelers.

    Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve
    This unique destination is located 80 miles southeast of La Paz. It is ideal for ecotourism, hiking, wildlife watching, and bike rides. This region is home to distinctive plant and animal life and includes the only pine forest and the only jungle in all of the state of Baja California Sur. This Sierra de la Laguna is a mountain range that exceeds 7,200 ft. in elevation and has a wide variety of exotic birds and plants. An unusual feature of this region is its climate and vegetation that changes with the altitude; dry weather in the plains and more precipitation at higher altitudes.

    Todos Santos Todos Santos
    Todos Santos is located 50 miles from La Paz, at the place where the hills of the Sierra de la Laguna merge with the Pacific Ocean in the Baja California desert. It is considered a jewel along the Pacific Coast, with fishing and agriculture as its main economic drivers.

    Todos Santos is known for being a center of culture and the arts. It is home to a large number of painters, craftsmen, artists, and intellectuals. The collection of crafts in several local galleries offers the perfect opportunity to shop for souvenirs of your trip to Baja California Sur. You can also admire the historic architecture and visit the legendary Hotel California. In addition, Todos Santos is famous for hosting major art, film, music, and food festivals.

    El Triunfo El Triunfo
    This mining community is located 45 minutes from La Paz and dates back to the colonial era and the discovery of silver and gold. The mine at El Triunfo has a unique smokestack designed by Gustav Eiffel, which today is the symbol of this nineteenth-century engineering marvel. The town was originally inhabited by Italian, French, British, American, German, and Chinese miners who helped influence the local culture. In its heyday, it was the most prosperous city in the region surrounding La Paz.

    Cactus Sanctuary Cactus Sanctuary
    It would seem as if only a few species could survive in the lonely desert of Baja California Sur. However, cacti have developed beautiful and impressive ways of living in this climate, while also providing food and shelter for numerous birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. This sanctuary is a 124-acre nature reserve with a 15-acre park that you can visit to see the incredible nature that exists in this unique place. It is located 40 minutes from La Paz.

    Los Barriles Los Barriles
    Located an hour from La Paz, this town is considered by many to be the sport fishing capital of the world. Each year, hundreds of fishermen from around the world arrive to catch trophies, like striped, blue, and black marlin, rooster fish, and tuna, among other species. Even so, this destination retains its small town atmosphere and semi-virgin beaches with quaint beach bars. Here you can enjoy windsurfing, snorkeling, 4-wheel-drive expeditions, and ATV competitions.
    612577 Dining Experience
    La Paz cuisine is distinguished by a wide variety of seafood used in the preparation of many traditional dishes, as well as spices, herbs and plants native to the region, such as damiana, which add a unique flavor. Don’t forget to try the famous fish, shrimp, and lobster tacos, as well as scallop and octopus cocktails or the exquisite almejas chocolatas rellenas (stuffed chocolata clams), and the traditional machaca de manta raya (stingray seasoned with chili and other spices), which is usually eaten for breakfast. Other foods that are typically enjoyed in the evenings include tacos made with grilled meats.

    Nightlife Experience
    Discover another side of this destination after dark, where you’ll find a wide variety of options, everything from elegant restaurants for dinner and places with soft jazz music to bars and nightclubs with live rock bands playing all the latest hits.

    Nightlife La Paz Regardless of your age or musical preferences, in La Paz there’s always a club, bar, or nightspot that’s perfect for you. Be sure to check out Las Varitas, a bar with more than 50 years of tradition in the city.

    Without a doubt, the nightlife in La Paz is concentrated in the area around the boardwalk, where you’ll find numerous cafes and restaurants, where you can enjoy a quiet night out in a bohemian atmosphere or opt for one of the trendy bars and clubs that play all kinds of music.

    When you visit La Paz, spend the day shopping and you’ll find a variety of regional crafts made by artisans from the city and surrounding area. There are leather goods, such as wallets, belts, bags, boots, and saddles, Shopping as well as baskets, bags, hats, fans, unique toys, and other crafts made from “torote,” a plant native to the region.

    There are also exclusive department stores and shopping malls that offer all types of merchandise. Some of the best malls in La Paz are Plaza La Paz, Cola de Ballena, Forjadores and Plaza San Diego.

    La Paz is known for its candies and jello made from local fruits like guava paste, dragon fruit paste, and mango paste, and prepared with water and brown sugar. It’s also common to enjoy preserves made from fig, green papaya, and dates, as well as dehydrated regional fruits like the white fig.
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