612577 Mazatlan
Also known as “The Pearl of the Pacific”, Mazatlan offers incredible sunsets, tempting cuisine and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Tourism and residential growth has increased rapidly in recent years along with the construction of new developments, golf courses, marinas and condominium towers. Although the tourism industry is considered important, the city’s booming economy does not depend on it. Modern and progressive Mazatlan is the second largest port city after Veracruz.

In addition to outstanding golden beaches, the city has a well-preserved historic center and various hotel zones that vary in exclusivity, rates and location. The traditional boardwalk area is where you’ll find most of the economy hotels while the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) is home to many of the beach properties. The areas of Emerald Bay and the Mazatlan Marina have a more exclusive atmosphere and feature more recent developments. With all of these options, Mazatlan offers a fantastic Mazatlan vacation experience for all budgets.

With over seven and a half miles of coastline, Mazatlan is an excellent location for water sports, fishing or just laying back to work on your tan. Calm waves and an abundant variety of marine life make the beaches of Mazatlan ideal for kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Visitors can also enjoy motor sports and parasailing or work out on the oceanfront boardwalk.

Mazatlan Carnival
With over 100 years of history, the Mazatlan Carnival is considered one of the most famous in the world. This week-long celebration usually takes place in late February and combines cultural activities with popular festivities, music, parades, floats and fireworks. Mazatlan Carnival The parades take place near the pier, where a large number of the hotels are usually fully booked by those who wish to enjoy a privileged view of the spectacle. nt developments. With all of these options, Mazatlan offers a fantastic vacation experience for all budgets.

Mazatlan Profile
A beach destination with deep historical and cultural roots.
  • More than seven miles of golden beaches that are perfect for a quiet walk.
  • Features various hotel zones that are suitable for all budgets
  • Famous for its world-class carnival.
  • Known as the “Shrimp Capital” due to having the largest shrimp fleet in Mexico.
  • Offers unforgettable sunsets, where the sun disappears into the sea.
  • Has an exciting nightlife with a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Mazatlan Things to do in Mazatlan
  • Explore the Mazatlan Boardwalk by taking a walk, cycling, running or roller skating.
  • Visit Isla de la Piedra to enjoy water sports, snorkeling, and the quiet, laid-back atmosphere.
  • Enjoy sport fishing in the waters of the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez.
  • Try the seafood and fish served in the many restaurants located within the “Shrimp Capital”.
  • Work on your tan and enjoy magical sunsets throughout your stay.
  • Enjoy a fun night of dancing at Fiesta Land, a nightclub complex located right by the sea.
  • Tour the historic center, where you can admire the Cathedral, Plazuela Machado, and the Angela Peralta Theater.
  • Take in a cultural or artistic exhibit and enjoy the spectacular Mazatlan Carnival.
  • Discover exotic marine creatures at the Mazatlan aquarium, a popular attraction with young children.
  • Take a ride on a “Pulmonia”, a charming mode of transportation that the city is known for.
  • 612577 Where to stay in Mazatlan
    Whether you are planning a family vacation, a business trip, a romantic interlude or just a quick weekend getaway, there is a Mazatlan accommodation for you.

    There is plenty of choice for all price levels from all inclusive resorts to the budget friendly bed & breakfast.

    Mazatlan, the Mexican city with 17 miles of golden beach, is becoming more than just a party place for spring breakers and sport fishermen.

    It is now attracting more families, mature travelers, and repeat visitors due to its charm and value packed reputation.

    Vacation rentals such as homes and condos are available if you plan on staying for more than a few days.

    Mazatlan hotels Mazatlan Hotels & Resorts
    The most popular type of accommodations in Mazatlan are hotels & resorts. Most hotels are beachfront and include amenities such as multiple pools and restaurants.

    All Inclusive Mazatlan
    Mazatlan has many all inclusive resorts. Room, meals, non alcoholic drinks and some standard activities are included. Rooms and suites with oceanfront views are highly sought after. Families with children will appreciate the kid friendly socials while they enjoy their adult time too. Many other hotels offer all inclusive packages and discounts.

    Luxury Accommodations
    Whether luxury is your way of life or you just want to pamper yourself with the large life, Mazatlan hotels Mazatlan has many luxury hotels and resorts to impress even the most selective traveler.

    Family Friendly Accommodations
    All inclusive resorts offer lots of activities to keep your teens and young children busy. A vacation rental is another good option as most have a full time staff and plenty of amenities.

    Budget Friendly Accommodations
    There are many Budget Friendly accommodations such as bed and breakfasts and small intimate hotels.


    612577 The beaches
    The beaches of Mazatlan are known for their beautiful golden sand and the most popular ones are located in the traditional area of Mazatlan or near the famous boardwalk. Some even have lookout points where you can stop to admire panoramic views of the coast. The Zona Dorada offers more exclusive beaches as well as those with private access from the hotels. These are often the liveliest beaches with the highest number of tourists and recreational activities. The quiet and remote Emerald Bay area is perfect for those wanting to enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere. Whichever you prefer, the beaches of Mazatlan are always a great place to relax, sunbathe, and have a good time.

    The Boardwalk
    The Mazatlan Boardwalk is considered one of the five liveliest boardwalks in Mexico. Running alongside most of the city’s beaches, it's the main venue for the Mazatlan Carnival, a popular event that fills the surrounding hotels. Golf Mazatlan Its attractive design and large size makes it ideal for exercising, cycling, running or roller skating and the ocean view is beautifully complemented by the various sculptures that adorn the boardwalk. Local shops, restaurants and bars can be found all around this famous attraction.

    Mazatlan has four golf courses, and some hotels have their own courses or have agreements for guests to use them. Many of them also feature driving ranges and putting greens. There are private clubs as well available for visitors who are willing to pay a fee. These clubs usually have lesson for both adults and children.

    Thanks to a privileged location by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, Fishing Mazatlan sport fishing is a popular activity in Mazatlan. The city has dozens of marinas where you can book a spot on a private or group fishing trip. There are also many affordable tours available, with shared or private boats. the various sculptures that adorn the boardwalk.

    Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
    Located in the heart of Mazatlan, the cathedral began construction in 1875 and was completed in 1899. Consecrated to the Immaculate Conception in 1937, it is considered the most beautiful cathedral in the northeast of Mexico and houses magnificent sculptures in the atrium. The cathedral’s design displays a notable gothic influence and is primarily decorated with neoclassical baroque details, creating an incredible mosaic of styles for you to admire. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Visit the cathedral, see the artwork and listen to the music of a magnificent nineteenth century organ that was originally constructed in Paris.

    Plazuela Machado
    Located just a few blocks away from the Cathedral and surrounded by traditional restaurants and cafes, Plazuela Machado is the ideal place to savor a cool beer or a cup of coffee. This is also a preferred meeting spot for those heading out to enjoy Mazatlan’s nightlife. With numerous restaurants, beautiful seating areas and a great location near the Angela Peralta Theater, this plaza is an epicenter of relaxation and fun.

    La Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)
    Visiting Isla de la Piedra has become a popular excursion for those vacationing in Mazatlan. La Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) Just a few minutes away from the coast, this island offers quieter beaches where you can relax throughout the day. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy delicious seafood, take a tour, go horseback riding and try out various water sports. Enjoy a slower and more tranquil atmosphere when you spend a memorable day on Isla de la Piedra.

    Mazatlan Carnival
    An annual tradition since 1898, the Mazatlan Carnival is mostly celebrated at the city’s boardwalk. Considered to be one of the best carnivals in Mexico and the world, this exciting six day celebration includes music, parades and beautiful floats. The rhythms that accompany the festivities include the traditional ensemble style music of the “Sinaloa Tambora” and the “Papaquis”, and Aztec inspired melodies ring through the streets adding to the excitement of the participants. The carnival is complemented with fascinating cultural events like the “Burning of the Bad Humor”, the crowning of the Queen, dances and food fairs.
    612577 Dining Experience
    Mazatlan is considered the “Shrimp Capital”, so it’s no surprise that the most popular local dishes are based around this delicious crustacean. One of the local and state specialties is Sinaloa shrimp, which are marinated in lemon juice, stuffed with grated cheese, wrapped in bacon and then grilled. Whether served in a cocktail, fresh or cooked in secret recipes, shrimp from the “Pearl of the Pacific” is something that simply must be enjoyed during your vacation.

    You’ll find other outstanding meals in addition to fish and seafood, which are the main ingredients used in the preparation of the city’s cuisine. A popular breakfast dish is “chilorio”, made with finely shredded pork seasoned with ancho chili salsa and other spices. Sinaloa style grilled chicken is another regional specialty that is famous throughout the city, state and country for its exquisite flavor. your vacation.

    Nightlife Mazatlan Nightlife Experience
    Enjoy the rhythms of the night during your visit to Mazatlan, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast. This casual and inviting destination has many nightclubs and bars that are popular with Mexicans and also lots of Americans. The best place by far to start your evening is at the Fiesta Land complex.

    Mazatlan also attracts crowds of young energetic North Americans during Spring Break, making it one of the most popular destinations during this season.

    At the end of the Zona Dorada, on a cliff that overlooks the sea, is the unmistakable and very traditional Fiesta Land complex. This is where you’ll find restaurants and clubs that offer music to suit all tastes, including everything from trendy pop music to romantic piano melodies. Thanks to this incredible variety, Fiesta Land is a popular Shopping Mazatlan nighttime attraction and the iconic symbol of Mazatlan’s nightlife.

    You can buy almost anything in Mazatlan, from T-shirts to gemstones and seashells. One of the truly unique places to visit is the Aquiles Serdan street market, which sells shrimp and other seafood.

    Casa Etnika
    Displaying colorful and traditional Mexican handicrafts along with pottery and jewelry, this craft shop is one of the best places to acquire authentic Mexican art in Mazatlan. You’ll also find handmade hammocks and various utensils. Each piece sold at the shop is a unique creation, so you’ll never see the same item twice.
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