Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen, now the third-largest city in Quintana Roo – its population more than doubled over the past five years – is the hippest city in all of the Yucatán Peninsula. Sitting coolly on the lee side of Cozumel, the town’s beaches are jammed with super-fit Europeans ­– they let Americans in, too, if they meet the weight requirements! The waters aren’t as clear as those of Cancún or Cozumel, and the beach sands aren’t quite as champagne-powder-perfect as they are further north, but still Playa (as it’s locally known) grows and grows.

With daily cruise ship visitors, Playa is starting to feel like a Playacar Palace beach mass-tourism destination, but it retains its European chic, and one need just head two blocks west of haughty-taughty 5 Av to catch glimpses of real Mexico.
We want to show you the best of what Playa del Carmen has to offer.

Come see for yourself. Come experience the Playa Del Carmen lifestyle and enjoy an international vacation in style.The feeling you get here is unforgettable, stresses you didn’t even know you had melt away in the laid back vibe. This is the truth, it’s no myth, it’s cheap, and it can be yours today go on a Playa Del Carmen Vacation today!

luxury Playa del Carmen Beach
This little Caribbean beach town has grown tremendously in popularity during the last decade. There's a good reason for that - Playa is a fantastic place to spend your vacation, hang out, or live. The town has grown along the beach, so wherever you go, you will feel the closeness to the ocean. The main street is called Quinta Avenida, or 5th Avenue. Sometimes it's just called La Quinta. It is a pedestrian walkway and a common point of reference. Avenues, avenida in Spanish, run parallel to the beach. They are given numbers in increments of five, 5th Ave, 10th Ave, etc. Streets, calles, are perpendicular to the coast and they have even numbers north of Juarez and odd numbers to the south.

luxury Mamitas Beach
Located in Playa del Carmen, Mamitas Beach and Beach Club has been around for years, but after being severely damaged by Hurricane Wilma, it has received a major facelift, and it is a favorite beach spot for both locals and visitors. It has beautiful covered beach beds, beach volleyball, excellent beach access, great tunes, and a restaurant and bar on site. It is also the annual host for the fashion show produced by Fashion TV. The best way to get to Mamitas is by the access road on Avenue First South between 28th and 30th Streets.

Coco Beach
luxury Considered as the northern beach this is a bit of a jaunt from Playa Mamitas and Playa Tukan, Coco Beach is considered to be more laid back and less trendy then its sister beaches to the south. But keep in mind that it is getting developed and there is a beach club in the works for the upcoming season.

Kool Beach
It is located directly between Mamitas and Nuddy Beach. Recently it also had a major face lift similar to Mamitas. Actually Tukan and Mamitas kind of just meld together to create the ultimate beach experience. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, yummy food, water sports, and premiere lounging spots, you will not be disappointed.

Topless beaches in Playa del Carmen and The Rivera Maya
luxury Although it is actually illegal to sunbathe nude or topless on Mexico beaches, in Playa del Carmen and the Rivera Maya, it is tolerated. Due to the major European influences in the area most beaches you will see topless sun worshipers trying to get as much sun as possible on their bare bodies. There are also clothing optional resorts and spas that cater to couples who want to vacation in the buff. Some remote area beaches you can strip down and bare it all. Keep in mind that Mexican Nationals are a conservative bunch so respect the locals, and if you are in a remote area keep a beach wrap close by. In addition women should always practice caution and safety if sunbathing nude or topless in a tucked away location or low traffic area.

luxury Everywhere is Good
Hopefully you have a somewhat clearer picture of Playa from this little description. One more thing needs to be said, though. Playa is small. To walk from the dock to Constituyentes will take you about 10 minutes and to Coco Beach another 10 minutes. So regardless of where you chose to stay, you will be within walking distance of everything in town. If you think it's too hot to walk, taxis are cheap and plentiful.
612577 When deciding on some Playa Del Carmen Lodging, there are many all inclusive resorts to check out when visiting. The beauty of the region can really be enjoyed from the balcony of your luxury all inclusive resort, sipping on a free tropical drink, and eating the finest foods, at a great price. The all inclusive resorts in Playa offer some lodging options that really doesn’t disappoint, and in this economy, they are a great way to save money for the whole family.

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Playa del Carmen is a stunningly beautiful, vibrant part of the Mayan World located on the pristine Caribbean coast of Mexico. Playa, as it is now affectionately known, is the perfect base from which to explore the fascinating sites along the Cancun-Tulum Corridor, now called 'Riviera Maya'. Blessed with miles of unspoiled white sandy beaches and crystal-clear Caribbean waters, experience an unforgettable time and the endless adventures Mundo Maya has to offer.


Beach lovers:
Playa Del Carmen’s immaculate golden beaches are some of the finest in the Riviera, fringed with palms and a clear, blue shore.

Playa Del Carmen is perfect for two, spending days on the beach and evenings wandering the vibrant waterfront at sunset.

From scuba diving off the coast to excursions in the nearby biosphere, there are lots of options for those seeking adventure.


612577 Activities & Things to Do
Playa del Carmen is a great place to spend a week or two. We prefer it to Cancun because there are way more things to do around Playa. Playa is what the locals call Playa del Carmen, originally named Xaman-Ha [waters of the north]. Playa is a bustling beach-town with a main strip running parallel to the beach. This is 5th Avenue affectionately known to the locals as "Quinta Avenida". Along 5th there are numerous stores selling everything imaginable. There are also lots of restaurants, clubs, hotels and resorts. The beaches in Playa are great and a short walk from any hotel. Many resorts and restaurants are located right on the beach. Playa is an international destination so you find people from all over the world vacationing in Playa. It has quite a flare to it. The Mexican people are very friendly which adds to the happy atmosphere.

5th Avenue
is a pedestrian strip that runs for about 2km parallel to the beach. It's the resorts main centre of activity both day and night. luxury The avenue is full of restaurants and shops catering to the visitors needs. As you walk along it vendors will constantly try to entice you in to their shop or restaurant. If you want to go shopping, Playa del Carmen is the place for you. You can also catch the ferry to the nearby island of Cozumel. The bus terminal is also located at Playa Del Carmen, on the 5 th avenue.

Is the next best thing and Playa Del Carmen has plenty of areas to do that at. Xel ha or Xcaret has rivers, lagoons & bays for snorkeling luxury and when you tire of that, there are all sorts of other neat things to do and see within these parks.
There are several good places to snorkel near Playa. The best snorkeling we experienced in the region was at Puerto Morelos, midway between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. Lagoon at Akumal, between Playa and Tulum. This is also a preserve, and you can swim out to the coral at the mouth to the lagoon. It is impressive and fun.

Hangout at the beach
If you stay in Playacar, your resort will have lounge chairs, small sailboats, kayaks, jetskis (extra charge) and volleyball nets along the beach with plenty of palm trees to shade you. If you are not staying at a resort in Playacar, the beach is public as long as you don't use the amentities at the resorts. Every year it seems like the beach is wider and you can walk further, past the last resort on the south end you can still walk 30-40 minutes, almost to Xcaret. Along the way you might spot iguanas sunning themselves on the rocks along the beach if you approach quietly, pelicans perched on the rocks searching for their next victim or little crabs in the sand.

Is a special place mainly because it's located right next to the sea. This location provides dramatic views of the green ocean and the grey Mayan ruins. The archeological site is much smaller than Chichen Itza or Coba and its surrounded by a wall since it served as a defensive fort as well as a trading city. When visiting you should take a close look to the Castillo, which is seven and a half meters tall and very impressive. Also be sure to see the temple of the Frescos, the temple of the Diving God, the temple of wind and the watch towers. Don't forget to wear bathing suit because a visit to the beach is very recomendable. Again, it´s advisable to wear confortable shoes, hat/cap and bring water.

the company believe is the largest natural Aquarium in the world. Basically is a lagoon/river which joins into the sea. All you need for the day is your swimming gear and snorkelling gear. You start at one end of the river/lagoon which is through all man grows and then end up in the huge lagoon and then finish where it joins the sea. There are hundards off fish to see as you go along. It took me around 3 hours start to finish snorkelling along, but there other things to do on the way like swing ropes, cliff jump, rope walk and plenty of wooden platforms to stop along the way as it´s a long way to swim.

Visit Cozumel
How about touring the pristine and practically untouched East side of the island where there are natural ecological parks and marine habitats and sanctuaries, and beautiful beaches and the marine turtle salvation projects. Cozumel, (since first "discovered" by the scuba diving industry by underwater explorer Jacque Cousteau) has always been in the top 10 listed dive destinations in the world. Even if you're not a diver, don't miss a trip to Cozumel. Ther ferry takes about 30-40 minutes, and there are shops, restaurants and bars, as well as Chankanab Park, close to the Mayan Barrier Reef.

is like a Mexican Disneyland. There are lots of shows, animals, displays, and activities here. Among my favourites are reef snorkeling, the sea turtle breeding program, the horse riding demonstrations, the underground cenote river, the butterfly pavilion, the Mayan ruins, the bat cave, the Mayan town recreation, the jaguars, the manatees, and the big show they have at the end of the night. There are lots of restaurants here and they're quite good. Yes, they have "Swim with Dolphins" if you're interested in that. XCaret is expensive, commercial, and busy, but a lot of fun anyway.
612577 Dining and Shopping in Playa del Carmen
Restaurants and gift shops jostle each other for space along the pedestrian walkway part of 5th Avenue (or as locals call it, Quinta Avenida).

You can also wander away from 5th and find quieter places to grab a bite.

One of the unique things that makes Playa del Carmen what it is it that there are so many expats here that eating authentic plates from around the world is easy.

Whether you prefer pizza, curry, paella, falafel or a plain 'ole burger, you have options.

There are all types of restaurants for every taste and budget spread out through town. We have put together a few of our favorites for you to eat well and enjoy.

How do you know you are truly in an authentic, official Mexican restaurant?

Dining The answer are the only gringo, nobody speaks English, the menus are all in Mexican, the place is filled with Mexicans and it smells delicious.

What´s the best restaurant in Playa del Carmen?
The majority of restaurants on 5th or close to it are owned or co-owned by foreigners. By and large they mostly offer International cuisine and even the "Mexican Restaurants" are more International than Mexican. To get the real Mexican taste and feel you have to wander out of the tourist zone and out into the abyss!

For those who dare to tread away from the hotel buffet you will find an exciting adventure awaits you as you saunter away from 5th on your dinning mission. Dining For added enjoyment you can even select dark deserted streets to walk along on your way to the heartland of Playa dinner fare.

To find Mexican restaurants walk up Juarez to 30 Avenue then walk North along 30th. Along the way you will start to see the odd Mexican restaurant. Towards Constituyentes you start to hit more restaurants. Mexican restaurants are generally cash only.

Playa del Carmen Nightlife Coco Bongo

If you are looking to party Playa del Carmen is a great place to go. The 5th avenue "strip" is alive at night and clubs and bars are dotted all along this strip. There is a bar that caters to every taste here so we don't particularly recommend any single club cafe or bar.

It does not take long to walk up and down fifth and the many side streets so you can cover a lot of distance in an afternoon doing recognizance, picking the place you would like to visit at night.

Playa del Carmen You can also easily walk from club to club in the course of a night starting at one end of 5th avenue and ending up at the other end.

If you are staying a week that is more than ample time to check out every bar in Playa if you so desire.

Dress for clubs is anything from casual to full-tilt.
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