Guatemala Tours

Take a Guatemala adventure tour to this fascinating country bordered by Mexico to the north and Honduras to the south while also bordering Belize and El Salvador plus two oceans! Antigua is one of the most delightful colonial towns in Central America where the local indigenous population line the cobbled streets and plazas in their colourful costumes, selling their crafts and textiles.

Enjoy traditional music, architecture and art with its ornate churches, convents, parks, plazas, cafés, restaurants, bars and colourful street markets and surrounded by awe-inspiring volcanoes. Our Guatemala adventure tours also visit Rio Dulce where we stay in cabins right on the water, and can take a boat tour to Livingston, experiencing some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable, to this lively little town with its Caribbean atmosphere. Flores is our base for exploring the breathtaking Maya jungle site of Tikal, regarded as the greatest city of the Maya world. As you wander the site on your Guatemala adventure tour, you will have the opportunity to climb some of the tallest Mayan temples, as the Maya believed the higher the building, the closer they were to the gods.

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