Palenque Express 4d/3n

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This journey will allow us to visit an important part of Mexico in the ancient Maya civilization. It begins in the town of Villahermosa, the capital of the state of Tabasco, and crosses the South-East of the country, through the thickets of the lands of Chiapas, the Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, ending on the Caribbean shores of our country.

We will pass through the territorial zones of modern states the city of Mexico City, the State of Mexico City, Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

Among other sights, whose beauty and cultural and historical value is recognized by the world community, which we will visit – the town of Palenque, with its peculiar Indian atmosphere; the ruins of Palenque, hidden in the jungle; a small coastal portion of the Gulf of Mexico; Campeche – a city surrounded by a fortress wall; Uxmal and his perfect architectural beauty; the city of Merida and its stunning designs in colonial and neoclassical styles; Chichen Itza and its wonderful buildings maya-tolteka; Lake Ik-Kil and its refreshing crystal waters in the middle of the peninsula.

Day 1. Airport (VSA) Villahermosa – the town of Palenque.
Meeting of passengers in English language, and travel to Palenque (2 hours). Accommodation in a 4 * hotel (Nututun or equivalent).
 VSA (+ -145 km) PAL 

Day 2. Ruins of Palenque – Gulf of Mexico – Campeche.
Our day will begin with a visit to Palenque – the “magic city”, whose heyday reached its highest point by the VII century AD. His most notable and stunning constructions — the ritual, social, and administrative designation of the Pacal reign, the palace, the ball field, the main square with the famous “pyramid of inscriptions” —the sarcophagus of the great king was found in 1952. The lush vegetation of the jungle around this city lends a special grandeur and naturalism to the old buildings. In the afternoon, while moving to Campeche, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf of Mexico. In the evening we will visit the town of Campeche (1540), the capital of the state of Campeche, which is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the city wall of 1704 was preserved and served, in its time, as a reliable protection from pirates. Thanks to efforts to preserve it, the remains of the wall and its surroundings were recognized as part of the world cultural heritage in 1999. Accommodation in a 4 * hotel (Francis Drake or equivalent).
 PAL (+ -360km) CAM 

Day 3. Uxmal – Merida.
Our program continues acquaintance with the buildings of ancient Ushmal (VI-XII century AD), located on the only hill of the Yucatan Peninsula – the low mountain range “Puuk”. Among other constructions, the predictor’s pyramid and its elliptical shape can be noted; a large royal court for religious and administrative purposes, known today as the “Rectangle of the Nuns”; the palace of the governor with his subtle decorations in the form of snakes and the deity “Chaak” (god of water), standing on a limestone, mosaic, carved foundation; ball game. In the evening, transfer to the city of Merida (1542), the capital of the state of Yucatan, where we will take a walk through the picturesque streets, squares and “Boulevard de Montejo”. It attracts the attention of the majestic buildings of the early 20th century in the neoclassical style. Accommodation at the hotel 5 * (El Español or equivalent).
 CAM (+ -165km) UXM (+ -85km) MID 

Day 4. Chichen Itza – Lake Ik-Il – Cancun / Riviera Maya.
On this last day of our journey, we will visit Chichen Itza (V-XII century AD), the “city of sorcerers of water”, recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world of the modern world. During our excursion, among other monuments of Mayan-Toltec culture, we will note the “Castle” or “Pyramid of Kukulkan” – an impressive structure of archeology and astronomy, famous for its descent from the god “Feathered Serpent” formed by triangles of light and shadow at sunset on sunny equinoxes; Temple of the Warriors, complex “Thousand columns”, field for ball games. We will continue our walk by swimming in a refreshing underground lake with crystal waters, called the Ik-Kiel. Our day ends with a transfer to the hotel – in Cancun or on the Riviera Maya.
 MID (+ -120 km) CHI (+ -5 km) IK-KIL (+ -200 km) CUN / RIV.MAYA

The cost of the program includes:
• Transportation, according to the schedule, by minibus with the air conditioner.
• Entrance fees to visit the attractions listed in the program.
• Services of a Russian-speaking guide during the tour.
• Accommodation in hotels with breakfast.
• Transfer hotel (CUN / RIV.MAYA) –airport.

Not included:
• Food and Drinks.
• Tips for driver and guide.
• Hotel accommodation before and after the program.

EET-51 Palenque Express 3d/2n (Russian)

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