Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

612577Puerto Vallarta has something special for everyone, regardless of your personal preferences. Puerto Vallarta is yours to discover and is, without a doubt, one of the friendliest and cleanest beach destinations in all of Mexico. There are many cultural events and exhibits, exciting day trips to the jungle, relaxing days at the beach and countless romantic hideaways.

Both water and land activities will keep the whole family entertained. Night life abounds with many popular night clubs and an array of quality restaurants to please even the most discriminating palette. This beautiful city by the bay has a population of over 300,000 friendly residents and covers more than 1,200 square kilometers.

This is a city with modern infrastructure and conveniences that has somehow managed to maintain its unique Old Mexico charm, unlike so many of the other more glitzy resorts. In many areas of Puerto Vallarta you will feel like you are taking a step back in time; donkeys are still used Puerto Vallarta for delivery in many parts of this unique city. Many of the crafts available here are made by local Indians who have been producing their wares using the same methods for hundreds of years.

A modern marina and cruise ship port attract visitors on ships and yachts from all over the world. The city’s clean, friendly atmosphere, unique Old Mexico ambiance and incredibly diverse shopping possibilities attract international and Mexican tourists in droves. These unique attractions lure many of these visitors to return over and over again. Many of these tourists end up becoming full time residents or retiring in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta now become the sixth most popular travel destination in the world. Therefore, your Puerto Vallarta vacations guarantee you the most fantastic entertainment and complete relaxation.

Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta enjoys over 300 sunny days a year with temperatures averaging right around 83 degrees. Many visitors do not realize that Puerto Vallarta is situated on the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys a similar sunny and tropical climate. English is widely spoken, especially in the downtown shopping and dining areas.

Because Puerto Vallarta lies on Bahia Banderas, the second largest natural bay in North America and has over 100 miles of coast line, it is a haven for anyone who enjoys any type of beach activity, from whale watching to parasailing. Puerto Vallarta Bungee jumping over the Pacific, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing or fishing are yours for the asking. The surf at most beaches is very calm and safe for swimming year around. Distinctly different beach zones with more than forty individual beaches mark Puerto Vallarta as one of the favorite destinations for the true beach lover. The first zone is north of Puerto Vallarta. Playa de Oro and the Marina district are here. The Playa de Oro is a wide, sandy beach with a few rocky areas interspersed. It is also very popular with guests and locals alike, because of its water sports. Puerto Vallarta Even further north, the beaches of Banderas Bay are pristine and quiet as they reach up toward Punta de Mita. If you’re into surfing, these northern beaches, which are subject to strong surf, perfect for catching a wave, the best windsurfing also takes place in this area.

Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beach, Playa de los Muertos, is located just south of the malecon and the River Cuale. This beach is surrounded by the neighborhood Puerto Vallarta of Olas Altas (Old Town or Zona Romantica), with it’s indescribable variety of restaurants and shops. It is lined with beachfront hotels and restaurants and is usually bustling with activity, sun worshipers by day, the dining and nightlife crowd after dark. The beachfront bars and restaurants in this area are a great place to catch one of the incredible Vallarta sunsets. South of town, you’ll find numerous small coves and beaches. Playa de Mismaloya is a fairly remote and beautiful beach and is a great place to relax for the day.

Boca de Tomatlan, the last beach that is accessible by road, is more primitive, with several small seafood restaurants and taco stands. It is a great swimming beach, Puerto Vallarta very quite and peaceful. You can hire local pangas here to take you to Yepala, Las Animas or Quimixto. Destiladeras and Los Venaderos are two of the more enjoyable beaches in the northern area. Snorkeling and also wind surfing (under the right conditions) are also great at the Las Marietas Islands , which have been preserved by the Mexican government as a bird sanctuary. These islands are accessible by boats which can be rented on most of the northern beaches.


When it comes to planning your trip, the most important decision you’ll make is where to stay in Puerto Vallarta.

If you know what type of Puerto Vallarta accommodation is right for you, booking your hotel, villa or all inclusive resort will be a lot easier.

Staying in Puerto Vallarta
When staying in a Puerto Vallarta hotel you will be just a short cab ride or walk to restaurants, beaches and activities.

Most Puerto Vallarta hotels are located in one of four areas: Downtown, Central, Marina Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a walking city where you can visit cultural centers, museums, historic churches and rows of shops all in one day.

When you think of the Mexican Riviera, with its palm-fringed beaches, luxuriant jungle vegetation and incredible resorts, many places come to mind. But no resort typifies better the classic Mexican beach vacation than Puerto Vallarta does.

Puerto Vallarta hotels strong>Budget Friendly Accommodations in Puerto Vallarta
Try booking an all inclusive resort to get the best bang for your buck. All inclusive resorts offer unlimited food and drink and many free activities along with your accommodation.

Puerto Vallarta villas are priced not by how many people are staying, but by the quality and location of the property. Renting a villa with a group of friends or family can be a very affordable way to stay in Puerto Vallarta.

Cruises are another budget friendly alternative to consider because they include Puerto Vallarta hotels most food, non-alcoholic drinks and activities.

Luxury Puerto Vallarta Accommodations
If you are the type of traveler that likes to experience the very best a city has to offer, finding high-end, luxury accommodations will not be a problem. Enjoy one of the all inclusive beachfront resorts that cater to the luxury traveler, many even offer private butlers. Another option is to rent a private villa, complete with staff, so you can vacation like the rich and famous. Puerto Vallarta also offers some unique boutique hotels, but they are mostly known by word of mouth. Whichever type of accommodation you choose you can’t go wrong.

Puerto Vallarta Family Accommodations
Large resorts cater to families, especially during school breaks. Puerto Vallarta hotels They offer organized activities, roomy family suites and family-specific amenities, such as water slides, kids’ pools, and sports equipment.

All inclusive hotels are a popular family option because all your food and most of your beverages and activities are included. This is a great Puerto Vallarta accommodation for teens as well as adults.

If you want to be with just your family and have the privacy of your own home, a Puerto Vallarta rental property is a wonderful alternative to staying in a hotel. This option is great when vacationing with grandparents or extended families.

Puerto Vallarta hotels Vacation dreams become reality when you rent a beautiful Puerto Vallarta timeshare. Timeshares offer so much more than other lodging options with full kitchens and extra bedrooms. It’s the best option for those traveling with families.

Cruises are another great family vacation alternative. They are all inclusive and offer free kids camps, activities and more. Carnival cruise line is just one cruise company that offers itineraries depending on your budget and dates. Teens love cruises because it offers them the freedom to explore the boat and meet friends their own age while not being far away from their parents.

Puerto Vallarta hotels Puerto Vallarta Business Accommodations
If you are on a business trip, or simply have to do some business while on vacation, many hotels cater to the business traveler. Some hotels offer internet and business centers to help when away from the office.

Long Term Accommodations in Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta, named the friendliest city in the world, is a great place to retire. If you are looking to live in Puerto Vallarta or purchase a second home, buying your own real estate or renting a villa should be no problem.


612577 Activities & Things to Do
Puerto Vallarta activities are diverse, entertaining and exhilarating. Everywhere you go there are different things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta attractions and entertainment options are diverse and exciting. Take the time to admire all the fantastic sightseeing spots in Puerto Vallarta and the array of touristic areas. One thing is for sure there is always something special going on to keep everyone entertained and the geography surrounding Puerto Vallarta is simply extraordinary. The largest bay in North America is home to islands, islets, rocks and cliffs, not forgetting the beautiful beaches on the eastern tip, where the terrain rises abruptly to create the Sierra Madre Occidental, with its eternal emerald jungle.

A landscape so fascinating can only be the setting for incredible adventures. Underwater, on the surface, on the beach, Puerto Vallarta activities in the mountains, in the jungle and in the city, Puerto Vallarta offers visitors all kinds of activities to explore and have fun, or kick-back and relax, it is your choice! These are just some of the main Puerto Vallarta attractions.

Puerto Vallarta is a beachfront city, meaning there are a many water activities. There is an enormous variety of Puerto Vallarta activities offered to visitors year round including snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing or sailing. For the thrill seeker, there are adventure tours that include bungee jumping or zip lining over the tropical rain forest. If shopping is your goal, there are plenty of jewelry and art galleries you can visit or shop the outdoor market at the El Centro. For sightseers, there are several different sea and mountain tours to choose from or you can take in the sights while walking on the seaside promenade at the Malecon.

Puerto Vallarta water activities Puerto Vallarta Activities For Water Lovers
With its enviable location on the Bay of Bandera and the warm inviting blue waters, itʼs no surprise that locals and tourists alike flock to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy all the water activities this paradise has to offer. The beaches are a fun place to hang out and spend the day. If you want to do more, you can certainly try snorkeling. If scuba diving is one of you favorite activities, you will get lots of opportunity to do so in and around Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places for sport fishing in the world. The stunning 4 mile wide bay is home to a number of highly sought after fish.

Puerto Vallarta activities for kids Puerto Vallarta Activities for Kids and Families
There are a lot of Puerto Vallarta activities for families and groups with children. Most children love beaches and water. A lot of Puerto Vallarta tours allow children and there are many fun tours like dolphin watching or whale watching. You can also swim with the dolphins. Aquaventura water park is one of the most popular attractions in Puerto Vallarta. This aquatic park boasts 10 different slides, dolphin encounters, and animal shows that will delight everyone. Horseback riding is also another great family activity. This Puerto Vallarta activitiy is available year round and some places will let children under 5 ride free with an adult.

Puerto Vallarta kid friendly activities Puerto Vallarta Sports Activities
Puerto Vallarta, with its natural beauty and proximity to the ocean is fast becoming one of Mexicoʼs favorite golf city. It boasts seven challenging golf courses designed by world renowned and respected golf architects that professionals and sport players enjoy. Those looking for a game of tennis in Puerto Vallarta will find no shortage of places to play. Most hotels and resorts have tennis courts that are available to guests or those willing to pay. Some of these courts are lit at night so you can play well into the evening.

Puerto Vallarta Sightseeing Activities
Tours are some of the most popular Puerto Vallarta activities. You can find ATV tours, Whale watching city tours, shopping tours and side- trips to colonial towns.

Whale Watching
After swimming through icy cold waters searching for tropical warmth, humpback whales arrive to the shores of Puerto Vallarta to mate and give birth. For years these creatures have amazed mankind with their spectacular jumps and their melancholy songs.

Today whale watching expeditions get close enough so you can see mothers swimming with their babies or the revolutions, above and below the water, of a mating couple. With some luck a curious a baby will approach the boat and you will be able to touch them. In many ways we guarantee this will be an emotional experience and very exciting.
612577 Dining Experience
Take some time during your vacation to discover the fantastic variety of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, which are mainly spread out along the seafront and among the downtown streets. Dining in Puerto Vallarta is a real pleasure, and this beautiful port city is ranked as one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world. Here you will find more than traditional Mexican cuisine; you will also come across sophisticated and avant-garde culinary trends.

Puerto Vallarta hosts the International Gourmet Festival every year that plays an important role as a place to exchange ideas and recipes, and helps to ensure that Vallarta cuisine maintains its special character and fame. A diverse range of acclaimed local and international chefs are invited to take part in the event.

Places to eat are incredibly varied in Vallarta, with everything from breezy beach restaurants under thatched roof palapas, to restored colonial buildings Shopping framed by picturesque narrow cobblestone streets, or sophisticated restaurants at the countless resort hotels in the area.

We highly recommend you take the chance to savor some of the many intriguing dishes on offer in Puerto Vallarta, especially some of the local cuisine.

Puerto Vallarta shopping focuses on local craftsmanship and this beautiful port has for a long time been famous for its artwork; hence the Puerto Vallarta shops offer a wonderful variety of handicrafts and souvenirs. You will have the opportunity to purchase one off pieces of art, created by many famous Mexican and international artists. However, Puerto Vallarta has something for every budget and Shopping if you have a good eye, you'll be able to find excellent pieces by unknown artists, who work on the streets, at the flea markets, and on the seafront promenade.

Almost every handcraft produced in Mexico is sold in this port town, including masks, clothing and textiles, shawls, ceramics, blown glass, copper, silver, wood carvings, cooking ingredients and liquors. The "best buys" are the ones produced locally though, such as leather sandals and hand made cotton clothing.

Puerto Vallarta shopping features from a wide range of jewelry to the most unusual items, all sold either at the flea market or at the modern malls. Strolling through the streets you will notice bargains are to be found virtually everywhere, plus you'll be able to meet and get to know the local people. These are some of the main Puerto Vallarta shops.

Night Nightlife Experience
Puerto Vallarta nightlife starts at dusk on the terraces of the restaurants and bars along the boardwalk and continues late into the night in the lively nightclubs and late night bars. There is a diverse selection of nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta and they are all great fun. Every Thursday and Sunday afternoon, there are public concerts held in the Main Plaza.

Puerto Vallarta nightlife offers many options for those who love to stay awake until early morning. Options range from popular cantinas with traditional Mexican live music to modern lounges with the latest European electronic music, and also well known rock and roll bars.

There are two upscale clubs at Marina Vallarta that entertain the chic crowd with the latest chart hits. Another option for a night out is at most of the hotels, Cultural events where they usually offer fun night shows and Mexican parties for all the family. These are some of Puerto Vallarta's best nightclubs.

Cultural Events in Puerto Vallarta
Experience the high culture of Pacific Coast Mexico each week at various locations throughout Puerto Vallarta. Events are held every week that include plays in the local amphitheater, wine tasting, and ballet. Sometimes there are tours of some of the city’s more elaborate and famous homes, and benefit dinners are frequently held for local charitable causes.
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