The 10 Best Cities in Caribe To Visit in 2022

The 10 Best Cities in Caribe To Visit in 2022

The Caribbean Islands are blessed with alabaster sandy beaches, sunny and tropical climate surrounded by warm azure waters. Each island in the Caribbean has something unique to offer to every kind of traveller. Centuries of colonial history, native spices combined with European flavours, adventure and relaxation are just some of the things that the Caribbean islands have on offer.

There is a treasure trove of activities to do and places to visit in the Caribbean. The overwhelming number of choices can be a bit too much for the average traveller. Hence, we have tried to make a list of some of the best places to visit in the Caribbean for your convenience.

Trinidad And Tobago

The Caribbean islands are usually very famous for tourism. However, in the case of Trinidad and Tobago, tourism takes a backseat. This is due to the presence of oil in the islands, which drives most of its economy. That is not to say that these islands are not worth visiting. In fact, they are the perfect destinations if you are looking for a more relaxed outing compared to the rest of the Caribbean.

Here in the backwaters you will get to see quiet beaches lined with coconut trees. Some of the most popular beaches to drive to are Chaville, Maracas and Las Cuevas.

St. Vincent And The Grenadines

The great archipelago of St Vincent and The Grenadines are bathed in dense rainforests and secluded romantic spots. The forests here are bio-diverse and feature some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. From hummingbirds to cascading waterfalls, and the dolphins and sea turtles that are found in its waters, you can find an endless number of treasures here.

For the more romantic travellers looking to make the most of the beautiful sights and deep blue waters, you can go to the smaller cluster of the grenadine islands. Here you can enjoy blue lagoons and sparkling beaches.


Unlike the other places to visit in the Caribbean, where you may find expensive brands, luxury hotel suites and resorts, Haiti is best known for one thing and that is adventure. The past has seen Haiti in a tragic light due to earthquakes and typhoons, but that has not deterred its people from giving you the best experience to you when you arrive.

The turquoise waters of Jamcel and the palm lined beaches of labadee where cruise ships drop anchor in the hundreds give you ample opportunities for scuba diving, hiking and surfing.

Cayman Islands

The trio of islands that from the Cayman Islands are one of the most popular places to visit in the Caribbean. Here you will find varicoloured Iguanas, ghost orchids, some endangered species of sea turtles and the best beaches. The locals here are jovial and welcoming. You can also find some of the richest folks in the world here, on the 7 mile long strip of the Grand Cayman. Join smiling locals, flapping endangered sea turtles, blooming ghost orchids, multi-coloured iguanas, and some of the richest folk to ever raise mansions on the edge of the Caribbean Seas on the trio of isles that form the Caymans.

Enfolded between Cuba and Jamaica, it’s hardly surprising that these sun-kissed spots look the part. The gorgeous beaches turn into party havens after the sunset. The amazing food and cocktails are surely going to test your party spirit. If you are not in the mood to party, then you also have the option to take a boat ride into the sea to observe dolphins and turtles.


Most of you may have come across the term Bermuda in spooky, scary stories of boats and planes getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle. However, the fabled island of Bermuda is not a scary island at all. This horse-shoe shaped island is not, strictly speaking, in the Caribbean. In fact, it serves as a bridge between the North Atlantic Sea and the Caribbean.

In Bermuda you get a chance to visit beaches with pink hued corals, and gorgeous golf courses. At night the pubs exhibit a familiar English flair and parties in these pubs and bars are sure to keep you hooked till the morning.


In Barbados you will find an equal number of backpackers and highflying millionaires. Some may choose to sip their pina coladas while some may want to drink rum in the local shacks. The UNESCO heritage site of Bridgetown is famous among the rich and here you will find yachts lined up on the shore.

The rhythmic beats of the local samba music and dancers will surely put you in carnival mode. However, if you want to go the adventure route, then you will surely find green forest trails, scuba diving spots and surfing opportunities.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the place that Christopher Columbus landed when he was looking for India and accidentally discovered the Americas. Since then the island nation has seen colonial overlords and rule that have left it with a rich heritage and cultural fusion of Spanish as well as American culture. The vast fortresses and palisades are a witness to its past.

The Puerto Rican capital of San Juan is a very popular spot for partying and experiencing the local people and their traditions. You can also visit the beaches of Ponce, Condado and El Yunque to find great natural beauty.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are spread over thousands of squares of kilometres of sand and ocean. The britishers came here and got rid of the pirates that had their base here. As a result, the Bahamas now houses incredible colonial architecture and neo classic buildings. The country is a playing ground for the rich and decadent from the neighbouring Florida.

But, don’t worry if you don’t come from money. Here you also get a chance to see great natural wonders and turquoise blue waters. If you are in a party mood then you can also head to the local casinos for some unadulterated fun.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is another natural hotspot to spend your time in the Caribbean. The swathers of palm lined beaches and cliffs looking down at choppy seas are a treasure waiting to be discovered. Here you will get ample opportunities to go surfing in the legendary waters of Puerto Plata and Cabarete.

If you are not into that then you can also enjoy in one of the infinity pools of a local luxury resort. You can also aim for the local hiking trails or the fishing villages in the area for some authentic fish curry.


Aruba is characterised by a year round sunny and breezy warm weather. It is perfect for a holiday throughout the year with its white beaches and cacti covered desert landscape. Don’t let the desert landscape fool you into thinking that it’s a hot furnace. No, in fact, Aruba is especially popular for comfortable weather that surprisingly holds steady throughout the year.

The island is shaped like a precious gem and is adored by honeymooners and romantic couples. Keep Aruba on your itinerary for a wonderful unwinding experience.

Antigua And Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are a couple of islands that have rich colonial history and beautiful culture. The northern archipelago is especially popular among tourists for dense palm forests, cruise ships bobbing about on its beaches and many casino places. As you move inwards in Antigua, you will find bougainvillea and sugar plantations with locals partying and enjoying life to the fullest.

For the travellers looking for quiet and seclusion, you can visit Barbuda which is fairly less crowded with cheaper food and accommodation. It’s particularly known for its quiet swimming spots and palm forests.


If you look at the past of Cuba, you may not want to go there for a holiday. However, recent times have been more rewarding towards the Cuban people as well as its tourism industry. The speakeasies are thick in cigar smoke and the streets are lined with pastel, peeling walls of houses. The facades of these houses tell the story of its tumultuous past.

People come to Cuba to take part in its numerous carnivals and Jazz festivals. The local natural flair is also a reason for many ecotourists to visit Cuba.

St. Lucia

Covered in the magnificent and dense mangrove and palm forests, St Lucia is a haven of natural beauty. The volcanic hot springs and pools of clay are important spots to experience natural spa treatment.

Hidden features like cliffs and waterfalls are very popular among the visitors. Here you will find old colonial era fortresses and golden beaches for relaxation and fun.


The northern shore of Jamaica is a fantastic place to visit for the uber rich as it has ivory beaches, pristine waters and the famous James Bond beach. The interiors are housing natural treasures like the cliffs of Negril and luxurious resorts in Montego Bay overlooking waterfalls on one side and the ocean on the other.

The island of Jamaica is filled with juniperos, palm trees, thick mangroves and coffee plantations. You can take a guided tour of this area to experience the brilliance of mother nature.

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