Why You Must to Visit Mexico in 2019

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Why You Must to Visit Mexico in 2019

Travelers will continue to look for value and authenticity in travel experiences during 2019, and Mexico stands out in both categories. The country also delivers on trending experiences that will continue to entice travelers through the coming year such as adventure travel, culinary pursuits and solo discoveries and have the ability to deliver high-end offerings.

Even the most discerning and experienced world wanderers will find much to explore throughout the country.


From all-inclusive resorts to value-added vacation packages, Mexico is one of the most affordable destinations to travel to.

All-inclusive resorts, located throughout the country from Cabo to Cancun, provide travelers with unbelievable value, bundling everything from accommodation costs to food, beverages and a wide range of activities into one budget-friendly price. While reveling in all the inclusions of these types of resort stays, not feeling the pinch of the pocketbook while on vacation is a good reason why these types of getaways continue to be popular.

Vacation packages are another way that travelers can make an affordable destination even easier on the wallet. Book flights, hotels, rental cars and tours with one provider and your vacation is worry-free and budget-friendly.


Gateways to Mexico are springing up around the U.S. on an almost weekly basis as airlines realize the country’s potential to drive travelers to the destination. In 2019, it’s going to be even easier to reach popular places such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.


Mexican food tastes better in Mexico. The food may be familiar to most Americans, but there’s something of a “hometown advantage” when it comes to sampling Mexican flavors—whether it’s street tacos or tequila—in the country of its origin.

There are so many different cuisines to explore in the country as well. Each region has its own signature dishes all with vibrant tastes and there are so many iconic dishes to choose from such as mole, pozole, chilaquiles, carne asada, elote, enchiladas and more.

Culture and Authenticity

Those looking for an experiential vacation will find satisfaction in Mexico. The country is home to some of the world’s most impressive ruins. Additionally, the country is home to 10 world heritage sites that protect and preserve stunning historical cities and ecological regions. The sites span the country from those in bustling city centers such as Xochimilco in Mexico City to the far reaches of the jungle in Campeche.

A Wide Range of Experiences

There is so much to do in Mexico. Those who are looking for a beach vacation can hunker down in any number of mega-resorts or travel to secluded, sun-drenched beaches on impossibly blue shores.

Not far from resort-style relaxation, adventure also awaits. Travelers seeking an adrenaline rush do not have to do much digging. There are lush eco-parks that offer ziplines, bungee jumps and underwater adventures as well as opportunities for mountain climbing, repelling, trekking and more.

Friendly People

No matter where you are in Mexico, the local people are welcoming and friendly. Travelers will find the Mexican people are always willing to help with directions or information—even for non-Spanish-speaking visitors. The friendliness of locals is one of the long-lasting impressions of the country that sticks with many visitors long after they’ve returned home.

Thanks to: Jannen Christoff | December 01, 2018

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